Hammer On Challenge: Sprint 00

Ok everyone, it’s time for our first challenge period, which I’m calling Sprint 00!


This is the first time I’ve ever put on something like this, and I’m doing it mostly on the fly, so hang with me while we get things worked out.


  1. By April 29 2018 at 11:59 pm EST: Submit “Before” Photos in the Facebook group.
  2. April 29 – May 26 2018: Kick Ass.
  3. By May 27 2018 at 11:59 pm EST: Submit “After” Photos in the Facebook group.


  1. Join the Facebook group (link) if you haven’t already. This is the main place that we’ll be sharing our pictures and goals, and communicating with each other. This is a closed group, only members of it can see the posts.
  2. Share your before pictures in the Facebook group, holding a paper with hashtag #HammerOnSprint00 written on it. Suggested attire is something along the lines of bathing suits or underwear, but it’s really whatever you’re comfortable with. There is no absolute requirement. But remember, you’re about to do a ton of great work, and you’re going to want it to show when you put your after pictures next to these befores.
  3. Along with your pictures, share your goals for Sprint 00 and how you’re going to accomplish them. How do you plan to eat, sleep, exercise, rest, and recover? Anything you think is relevant is worth sharing!
  4. If you’re comfortable doing it, share that all again on Instagram and Twitter using the hashtags from your picture. This is how we’ll spread the word and add people to our purpose in the future.
  5. Get active! Ask questions, answer other’s questions, share updates, be frustrated, be excited – whatever it is that’s going on in your journey. It’s up to you to make this challenge and this group exactly what you need it to be, just let us know if we can help!
  6. Post those After photos! Also, tell us how you feel you did; what did you get right, and what are you going to tweak for Sprint 01?
  7. Get ready, because we’re going to turn around and start another one a week later!

The Mindset

If you’ve done other transformation challenges in the past, you know of the power of sharing your intentions with a community. You know what it’s like to be mutually accountable to a group of people striving towards their goals. That is exactly what we’re going to lean on and take advantage of in the Hammer On Challenge.

There won’t be someone who “wins,” and you’re not walking away with any prizes. It’s not about that. It’s about deciding what it is you want, and then doing what you must – and helping each other do the same.

Going Forward

I’m hoping this small group will be active and engaged within the Facebook, as well as frequently sharing outside the group. We’ll use our hashtag and our enthusiasm on our various social networks to increase our membership numbers.

That’s why this first challenge is only 4 weeks rather than something longer, so our new members won’t have to wait around too long. Also, we can collectively work out any kinks in this process and start anew without suffering any issues for months on end.

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