“There is never an absolute answer to everything, except of course that you have to do your squats.” – Mark Rippetoe

Installment 3 of 4 in the series of my first experience with Jim Wendler’s Boring But Big main lifts is squats, and my love for these lifts continues to grow.

To catch you up: As a part of my current lifting program, I recently had my first experience with barbell deadlift and overhead press. After today, I’ve got bench left, and I’m really not sure how I’m pulling that one off without a workout partner.

The racks were full in the CrossFit room tonight, so I had to move to the main squat rack for this workout. I would have much preferred the other room, because it’s much more secluded, and it doesn’t feel like there are as many eyes on me in there – though I’m sure no one is paying attention either way.

I’m a little disappointed with how it went, but for slightly expected reasons. Mainly, I’m still not sure what my one-rep training max is on squat, so I chose to error on the side of too light, rather than dump a bar full of non-bumper plates on the ground.

After my three working sets, I decided to add weight and do one more working set, and still got two.

I also realized as I started writing this that I didn’t take off my shoes, so I wore my shoes with a memory foam insert, certainly not ideal for this lift.

As far how the lift felt, most of the reps actually felt really good. My form only noticably broke on one rep, the last one in my additional working set.

For some reason, my right knee has a tendency to push way in toward the center of I’m not real careful. I think I’m the future, I’ve got to start with my feet turned out a little more, and I’ve got to get more comfortable with the feeling of screwing my feet into the ground to keep my knees out.

In all, this felt like a productive night under the bar, and I continue to get more and more excited about this program and these lifts.

Bench day is the last in my 5 3 1 rep working sets, then I’m going to go back for another round before possibly deloading. I’m going to have to really put some thought into my weights for the next go around, especially for deadlift and squat. I think I’m really selling myself short.

New PR (first time, light weights to get used to the movement): 2 reps at 115 pounds.

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