Mirror vs Scale

This is a familiar experience. Work hard in the gym, do (pretty) well nutritionally, see really encouraging changes in the mirror, and then the scale takes a dump on my parade.

Maybe it’s in my head but, when I look in the mirror, I see changes. Quite a bit over the last few weeks. But what I see on the scale is at best no change, but more likely that I’ve added fat and lost lean mass.

I’ve got a FitBit Aria wireless scale and, let me start by saying, this is not the scales fault. In fact, I love that scale, especially with the automatic online logging of weight and body fat percentage every time I weigh myself.

The problem is with bioelectrical impedance, the mechanism used to measure body fat by measuring how a small electrical current moves through the body.

I’m learning how many different things can effect the results of that body fat reading, including hydration, high muscle mass, very low body fat, moisture level of the skin, even the presence of calluses on the feet.

Throw out high muscle mass and low single digit body fat and any one of those could be having an effect on every one of my readings.

In the past, after this continued on for a few more weeks, it would have been enough to discourage me. Usually it’s enough for me to doubt myself, feel like I’m wasting my time, and move along to the next thing.

This time, I’m hoping this blog serves it’s purpose and hold me to my routine for the entire time I had signed up for. That’s still the plan.

As far as the mirror and scale disagreeing with each other, there’s not a lot I can do. I have to make sure I’m properly hydrated and possibly take better care of my feet to make sure it’s getting a good reading.

Whether it’s accurate or consistent, I still think it’s worth it over the long run. I’ve been using this scale for a lot of years now and, any time I want, I can log on and see the trends over time.

For now, I’ll pay attention to the weight on the bar and the lean muscle in the mirror.

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