250KChallenge 2018 Routine

8 January 2018 – 8 April 2018

Purpose: Focus on building strength and size. All considerations have been taken to maximize hormonal support for optimal recovery.


  • Starting weight (lbs): 156.4
  • Starting Body fat %: 14.2 (22.2 lbs)
  • Starting lean mass (lbs): 134.2



  • 10:30pm – 6:00am



  • Intermittent fasting (16/8). Meal 1 – lunch.
  • Feed for 8 hours.


  • Calories: 2200 (reassess as necessary based on progress)
  • Cabs: 30% total calories (165g to start)
  • Protein: 1.5g/kg (105g to start)
  • Fat: Remaining calories (125 to start)
  • 1 gallon of water per day.

Cold exposure:


  • Daily alternating hot/cold showers to aid muscle recovery.
  • Ice Vest – At least 30 minutes before bed.






  • Follow (mostly) Jim Wendler’s Boring But Big, a program built off his 5/3/1 program. This program consists of 4 big lifts – squat, dead lift, overhead press, bench press – along with assistance lifts.
  • 3 day split, usually Monday, Wednesday, Friday
  • 1 big lift 5/3/1 set/rep structure, 5×10 sets of same big lift with 40% 1RM, 1-2 assistance lifts.
  • 1 cycle of 5/3/1 usually takes 4 weeks doing 4 day split, so modified for 3 day split it will take just over 5 weeks.
  • Post workout tabata/hiit, either sprinting or recumbent bike.
  • Do. Not. Die.

**If you’re interested in seeing previous routine cycles, they’re all archived here.**

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