Like New Year’s Eve, But With Kids

I honestly don’t remember the last time I was up past midnight but, whenever it was, it definitely wasn’t by choice.

So when it comes to New Year’s, I’m not even trying, and I don’t feel even a little bad about that. But the countdown is kind of fun, and it’s nice to symbolically go from one year to the next.

Let’s also be honest, if my kids were still awake at midnight, I’d absolutely be rocking I’m the corner and crying.

Enter Netflix to save the day! If you’ve got Netflix and children, you likely already know about their kids countdowns. If you didn’t, you’re welcome.

Netflix has something close to a dozen videos that are like 30 seconds long, with all of your kids favorite characters from Netflix original programming. The videos all end in a 10 second countdown, some dancing, and you’re done!

We started watching these videos as a family a couple years ago, and the kids get so excited. We’ll inevitably watch most, if not all, of the videos, then call it a year and start getting them into bed.

And it actually doubles as our countdown. Once we’ve gone through them all, I’m ready to hit the new year running. So thank you, Netflix!

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