The Test of Winter

I try to start my posts with a nice, applicable quote because

  1. It sets the stage for the post to come
  2. I can use it to tie everything together in a bow at the end, and
  3. Much smarter people have already said it much better than I ever could

But when I went looking for a qu

ote that fit the way I feel about winter, I found that all those smarter people writing about winter were writing about the beauty and wonder of the season.

So it looks like I’m on my own for this one. Thanks guys.

When I was a kid, I absolutely loved winter. Who didn’t? When you’ve got no responsibilities, relatively speaking, there’s nothing for it to disrupt.

Winter meant snow and, when you remembered to wear your socks to bed the night before, maybe even a snow day. The worst part about a snow day was shoveling the driveway a time or two which, as much as I hated having to do it, always felt pretty good once done.

Snow meant skiing. I used to go a half dozen or so times a year, and those times on the slopes and in the lodges were some of the best of my youth. The only thing resembling a winter related worry was whether or not the bus could make it to the mountain through the storm.

I’m older now. Not as old as I sometimes feel, but older than I was. I’ve got a house to keep from falling over. I’ve got a job that I’ve got to figure out how to get myself to, regardless of the weather. I’ve got a wife and kids to keep safe and warm.

I’m sure it’s a product of only remembering the good over the bad, but I don’t remember such a striking lack of winter sunshine when I was young. I don’t remember it being so cold all the time either.

I’m so cold. Not in the same way I’m cold from my cold showers, that is invigorating. The wind bites, everything is wet or frozen, and the sun isn’t there too lend a hand.

Nothing wants to work in the winter, either. I’ve had my heat go in my house twice already this winter. Cars and snow blowers protest every use. And me, whatever “it” is, I just don’t feel like it.

But… (there’s got to be one of those, or what we doing here?) there’s still something there. Little things to pick you up.

  • Watching my kids enjoy the snow like I used to.
  • The pure exhausted joy of a clear driveway, where a few hours ago stood 18 inches off fresh snow.
  • A warm office building after the cold slushy trudge through the parking lot.
  • The assurance that “No winter lasts forever, no spring skips it’s turn.”

There it is, the reason to do this. No spring skips it’s turn. Now, don’t get me wrong, if the stars lined up just right and I never had to live through another winter again, I’d sign up yesterday – but I have imagine that April and May would lose a little bit of their shine.

So I’ll trudge long, struggle through what winter has to offer, and try to remember to smile because, when it’s spring’s turn, we’ll deserve it.

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