Rethinking Challenging Kids

As I said in the introduction, sometimes this blog will touch on things very different from body fat percentage and kettlebell swings. I am a man who is a husband and a father, among other things, and I aim to improve myself in them just the same as my physical stats.

If you’re parenting a kid who sometimes has a real hard time with frustration and problem solving, and you’ve been at a loss as to what you should do, give this TED Talk a watch.

In it, J. Stuart Ablon lays out his belief that the issue starts with a misunderstanding. He believes there are two ways to view how children act:

  • Kids do well if they can.
  • Kids do well if they want.

He believes the former to be the true, productive way to approach a child’s behavior, and the latter to misunderstand the nature of a child and their true desire to do good.

I’m partly posting this here so I never lose it, because I’m going to be, and have have already started to implement it, and because I’m sure other parents have had similar issues who might also like to see it.

Parenting Self Improvement


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