Progress Update

It’s been about two weeks since my current routine cycle started, so I figured an update was in order. Things are not progressing as I had hoped they would.

I guess I should have known it would be hard to start something new during a time where my schedule was going to be very erratic. A few trips out of town, a few days and half days off of work to accommodate my son’s school schedule, and let’s not forget Thanksgiving.

So what have I been up to with regards to my target routine?

  • Exercise: Failing. The first time I did my new kettlebell routine in my basement, I thought I was going to die. My cardiovascular system needs strengthening, as do my thighs. As for the days (nearly a week) that followed, I hurt. A lot. It was everything I could do to not groan every time I went from standing to sitting or vice versa. I have only done this a couple times over the last couple of weeks, not good enough. Something I definitely struggle with, and always have, is working out at home. I need to either figure out how to make myself go to the basement and exercise, or I’m going to have to disrupt my schedule more and start going to a gym to do it. We’ll see.
  • Cold Exposure: Going strong. I’ve had to start splitting each shower into some hot and some cold because I’ve got acne like a child, but I enjoy the cold more every day. Gearing up for my first Polar Plunge, and I couldn’t be more excited.
  • Sleep: Really hit or miss. Even though my kids have wanted my wife lately when they wake up in the night, it has been happening a lot and I definitely still wake up every time, so there’s been a lot of disruption.
  • Hydration: This one confuses me. I usually don’t have much trouble getting a bunch of water when it’s something I’ve decided to make a priority, but it’s been tough these last couple of weeks. I’m going to attribute it mostly to the messed up schedule I mentioned earlier, but that’s going back to normal this week, so that excuse is gone.
  • Diet: Too much junk. As I detailed in my post about sugar, that stuff has its hooks in me good right now. So there has been lots of treats, snacks, soft drinks, and crap. I’ve been successful at two things; keeping my feeding window to between 6 and 8 hours just about every day, and starting my feeding window with mostly animal protein. I’ve done these things just about every day, and I believe it’s why these stats look the way they do.


  • Starting weight (lbs): 154.8
  • Current weight (lbs) 156.2 (+1.4 lbs)
  • Starting body fat %: 14.4 (22.3 lbs)
  • Current body fat %: 13.7 (21.4 lbs (-0.9 lbs))
  • Starting lean mass (lbs): 132.5
  • Current lean mass (lbs): 134.8 (+2.3 lbs)

So as you can see, even though I’ve had a hard time so far with the routine so far, it’s still working out pretty well. I think the intermittent fasting and starting feeding windows with animal protein are doing more than their fair share of the work here.

This week, I’ve got to figure out how to move more in the right direction, and we’ll see how that goes.

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  1. Keep up the good work mate. At least you’re making yourself accountable by putting it all out here in a public forum. I know what you mean about sugar. Neuroscientific studies show that it lights up the same reward centres as cocaine. So it’s actually not a lot different to a drug, as far as your brain is concerned. From my own experience, I found when I forced myself to go cold turkey and avoid ANYTHING containing sugar, I was able to break the cravings within 3-4 days. Stay strong!

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