Give Me Sugar

It’s pretty amazing what happens when you go from a relatively strict, pretty clean diet, to allowing yourself some sugary treats. Actually, it’s scary, and over the last few weeks I’ve seen what it can do to me.

It all started very innocently when Halloween candy started to pop up here and there. I was doing well with my intermittent fasting diet as outlined in my daily routine and, for a while, avoiding the junk wasn’t a problem. Just stick with the plan and move along.

But work was stressful. We were in the middle of preparing for a huge review and it was wearing on all of us. Eventually, my ability to exert willpower started to dwindle, and grabbing a fun size candy bar started to seem like a pretty good idea. I kept it slightly in check, though, and at least limited the treats to just a couple here and there, and always within my feeding window.

Eventually, I was pretty much out of willpower altogether. I always kept strong in the time leading up to my feeding window, and broke my fast with my prescribed meat-only meal, but then, increasingly, all bets were off. Many times my feeding window ended up extending 30-45 minutes as I snacked on garbage after dinner.

What didn’t help anything was the cravings. I never craved much of anything sugary when I was being strict, I could just walk on by without a problem. What has been surprising for me is how the cravings aren’t just for a little Snickers bar to eat walking between offices at work. It’s that those cravings have brought along with them.

I find myself always wanting to fill up on carbs. And not just rice and pasta and bread – which already don’t fit my diet in any substantial quantities – but moreso on junk carbs like chips and soft drinks and pizza.

The most concerning part for me is how I barely noticed it happening until like yesterday. It just slid into my day like nothing had changed. I’ve been lucky that this hasn’t caused my progress to go backwards, but it has sure stalled was was initially very encouraging progress.

Now that work has returned to it’s normal amount of stressful, it’s time to break this new habit and get back to work. At least I only have to deal with Thanksgiving now.

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