A Look Around

Everything on this site is starting off pretty simple and I’m hoping to keep it that way. Aside from normal posts, here’s a look at a couple of pages that will be updated much less frequently:

First is the section covering what I’m currently reading. This will likely be a pretty varied selection of books, anything from self helpy, to novels, to biographies, etc. Pretty all over the map. I’m a horribly slow reader who doesn’t get a lot of time in a day to dedicate to reading, but I do what I can. So if you see me starting to read a book and you’d like to read along with me, that’s awesome, just give me a head start!

Next is the section outlining my daily routine. The plan of attack here is as follows:

At the beginning of each cycle, I’ll outline a new daily routine (also weekly for things like workout splits, etc.).

The length of time for each cycle is somewhat arbitrary, and I expect that it’ll usually be dictated by the routine itself, but the point is that there is a known beginning and end date that is determined before commencement of the cycle.

The routine is also arbitrary. The plan going in is that each next experiment cycle will build off of the one before it, until it doesn’t, then all bets are off. As I stated in my introduction, I’ve got a problem not being able to follow through on a thing long enough to see results before I’m on to try the next new best thing in the world. So I’ve got a million things I want to try, like, right now. I’ll spend part of my time in the current cycle preparing for the next, making decisions that I’m going to be stuck with, like it or not, for that next cycle.

As for what I choose, it will be dictated on a set of end goals. For instance, if I want to see how much muscle I can actually gain in a month, I’ll sign up to, as closely as possible, follow Occam’s Protocol for that month. If I want to shred body fat, I’ll choose something like Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle for some period of time. Sometimes, like this first baselining cycle, I’ll just piece-part a thing together because I’m comfortable with something or it hits my eye just right.

But that’s where I stop thinking about the end goal. Once I have outlined my days and weeks for the cycle, I’ll endeavor to give that routine as much of a fair shake as I physically can. The goal is the work. Do the work.

Right now I’m starting to outline the next phase, though it’s pretty safe to say that it will look a lot like this one, but with some exercise, and tracking of calories and macros added. In the meantime, in a post(s) to follow, I will try to describe in a little more detail the current routine. For instance, why are you freezing your ass off in the shower every morning.

Stay tuned, and thanks for reading!

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