The Hammer On Challenge

Hey everyone! I’ve been absent for a while, and I’ll have a couple of posts out shortly to about what I’ve been up to. However, I wanted to get ahead of that and mention one of the things I’ve been up to. When the transformation challenge I was a part of ended and the next…

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ATH Bracket Challenge!

Because who doesn’t want to fill out another bracket? Join the first annual A Thousand Hammers Bracket Challenge. No prizes this year because, to be honest, this idea just occurred to me and I haven’t thought it through. So, sign up, fill out the bracket, and earn some bragging rights! Entries lock at tip-off, so…

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Changing the Program

“This is because we are training for strength, to increase the force we produce in a big, general movement pattern; we are not training a ‘favorite muscle.’ We are not concerned with our favorite muscles. We do not have favorite muscles.” ~ Mark Rippetoe, Starting Strength Time to change it up!

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So, I’ve had my first real Boring But Big squat, overhead press, and deadlift workouts, and all went relatively according to plan. Tonight was installment #4, bench press.

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